Equine Initiative

With a long history of teaching, research, equine medicine and outreach excellence, Texas A&M University has been a vital contributor to the equine industry for generations. Both the Department of Animal Science and the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences have been instrumental in providing the equine industry with knowledge and care that have advanced not only equine sciences, but the welfare of the horse as well.

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Texas A&M Equine Initiative Brochure

Today our past accomplishments are not enough. The purpose of the Equine Initiative at Texas A&M is to collaboratively utilize our expertise to build an equine program that will graduate the industry’s future leaders and generate research and veterinary medical care that will improve the industry and the care and welfare of the horse. Texas A&M will build complete and modern facilities, from which to teach, train students and conduct research. Further, Texas A&M will be connected to the entire industry through extensive outreach activities.

The Equine Initiative has developed four major imperatives. In each of these areas, the focus will be to enhance and improve upon Texas A&M’s existing strengths in order to facilitate the completion the vision of the Equine Initiative. The four imperatives are curriculum enhancement, outreach & engagement expansion, facility construction and partnership development.


Hanna Galloway joined the Equine Initiative as the Assistant Coordinator in January 2017. She began working at the Thomas G. Hildebrand DVM ’56 Equine Complex  while completing her Master of Science degree in Recreation and Resources Development. Hanna’s familiarity with event management and fundraising makes her an asset to the Equine Initiative and the Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ’56 Equine Complex.

Great support and guidance for the Equine Initiative is provided by the leadership in the Colleges of Agriculture & Life Sciences and Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.

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If you have questions about the Equine Initiative or Texas A&M University, please contact us at (979) 845-6098, or by email at hanna.galloway@tamu.edu.

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