Resources for Horse Owners



Access to printed and digital education Extension publications is available through the Texas A&M AgriLife Bookstore and the Department of Animal Science website.

To view the publications, click on the topic link below:

Educational Videos is a virtual video library designed to teach beef cattle producers the best management practices for beef quality and includes a channel devoted to horses. Horses are a major part of the livestock industry, and handling horses correctly and maintaining proper nutrition is a vital part of stockmanship. These videos discuss the basics of proper horse maintenance.

View Horse Channel

Often the Texas A&M faculty are featured as expert sources of information on mainstream media news segments. Below are a few related to the care of horses.

Pet Talk: Hot Weather Concern for Horses

The Online Horse Judging video website is designed to assist horse judging team coaches and judging team members in their quest to become more knowledgeable and more skilled judges.

View Online Horse Judging Videos


The CEA Horse Newsletter contains the latest information on Extension horse programs and events. This newsletter is distributed by e-mail.

View CEA Horse Newsletter

Horse Bits is published bi-monthly by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Department of Animal Science. This newsletter is a free service and is available to anyone interested in equine science.

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Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health (PEER) website provides educational science resources for middle and high school students and teachers. Several pages feature valuable information relevant to horse owners.

View PEER website

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