At Texas A&M, students have the opportunity to pursue numerous academic opportunities to prepare for a career in equine sciences or becoming a veterinarian. Likewise, for those students with a passion for horses with career goals outside of equine science, there are many opportunities to include horses in your college life while staying focused on earning your degree.

Department of Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences provides both an undergraduate and graduate program rich in educational resources on all components of the Texas horse industry including production, industry and research. As a student, you will receive scientific training and hands-on experience that allows you to incorporate knowledge from your equine science courses.

ATM-horse-studentUndergraduate students can choose from one of two degree plan options as well as earn an equine certificate by completing coursework focused on a core set of equine skills. For those students wanting to advance their studies, the Department of Animal Science offers graduate degrees in animal science, physiology of reproduction and animal wellbeing as well as the master of equine industry management.

In addition to coursework, the Department of Animal Science encourages participation in learning experiences outside of the classroom. Opportunities include collegiate judging teams, student organizations, internships, study abroad and undergraduate research.

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

eye exam_500x400The College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees that can be personalized to include equine content. Veterinary students have the option to specialize in equine medicine and can customize their coursework, clinical rotations, and externships to focus on various aspects of horses and horse health.



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