Texas Equine Industry Summary • Executive Summary

Photo credit: Eleanor Green


Texas ranked highest among all states in the U.S. in total
number of horses in 2015.

In 2015, Texas was home to over 840,000 horses.

The total statewide economic output of the Texas equine
industry is $5.9 billion.

The Texas equine industry contributes $3.3 billion to the
Texas gross domestic product (GDP).

The Texas horse industry is responsible for $2.1 billion in
Texas labor income.

Texas horses support 52,000 jobs statewide.

Recreational riding ownership leads the industry
with $1.9 billion in revenues.

Horse racing contributed $733 million in business
revenues in 2015.

Horse racing led to a total economic output of $1.4 billion
and contributed $945 million to the Texas GDP.

Texas horse racing supported $689 million in labor
income and 11,450 jobs in Texas in 2015.

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